Friday, January 18, 2013

The Opening of a Flower

Photo by Scarlet Plocher

I wrote this a few months ago on another blog I was working on "Sauce Pans and The Single Girl." Holley Gerth reminded me of it on her post today.  

One morning I sat intrigued by a hibiscus in front of me and began to write. Like an Ogre/ or an onion I have layers...actually the other day I decided I was a darkchocolate blackberry cupcake pie! I think perhaps this is a culmination of my layers, my heart and God speaking to me. A couple people have asked me to write this out and send this to them. I figured my blog was the most convenient way to do this. So I hope it inspires you. :) 

There is nothing that the Lord makes that is still. 
                                           Only things that man makes. 

Things that God makes are ever changing, ever growing. They surprise you-they move-they are never stagnant. They also have the constant potential to delight you. A special and specific "wink" from God.

God breathes life into everything. Even the tiny grains of sand have ancient journeys, or a rock, or a mountain. Oh the testimonies and life stories they could tell!

The things of God change. Everything in it's own way. Everything in His will-in His ordering of things. 

Things that man makes do not change unless they undergo destruction by powers of God or by mans own hand-except in the case of Art.

Art can be constantly changing, constantly growing. The difference is, except for in the case of man all things God has made are made as they are and take on Gods will at any given point in time. 

Butterfly's don't simply decide to stop being butterflies and question their existence or their purpose. Their purpose is to be a beautiful butterfly and a butterfly, speaks the gospel in their butterfly way and brings honor and glory to the Lord. 

The flower opens- just as lovely as a bud as it is now in full grown bloom. Ever changing, yet always, always perfect. A bird hatches out of it's egg blue shell just as fascinating and precious in it's egg as it is a little baby. 

But we, most lovely of all Gods creations-and most definitely most loved above all, have a ways to grow in God's perfecting of us. Perhaps that is why he loves us the most; because He can see our potential- our movement- His constant work-not only in our bodies- but in our minds-hearts and souls.
This work he has completed in the bird and the flower. They will go on doing and being as they were forever meant to do and be.

But God has an individual mission for us, an individual journey in all respects. We will never be the same or experience the same as any other human- unless we choose to- and then what makes us different from the birds and flowers? We're born. We Live. We Die and are forgotten- and nothing came of it, other than the fact that we existed for a brief period in time- and that is all.

At the end of her post Holley stated: 

"The best part of all? The responsibility for growth ultimately lies with God.

God makes things grow. {1 Cor. 3:7}
So you don’t have to make growth happen. Your role is surrender and then obedience. When you embrace those, you can’t help but grow."
To serve the Lords purpose. We must surrender just as the flower, the birds and the butterfly. 
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