Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sharing my God Sized Dream

by Julio Pineda

I gave up my dreams of living a life uncommon years ago and set my mind to the task of getting through my days. I didn't believe that God cared if I was happy or not, because it had seemed as though He had shattered everything I had ever hoped for. From that point on I just rode the waves that life takes you on when you are not intentional. I lived to work, to support my self, so that I could live. I honestly felt like I was in a rut, and the more I continued walking it, the more impossible it was going to be to climb out of the ditch. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever lived without hope? 

          A few weeks ago I started Holley Gerth's God Sized Dream challenge. I said that I "wanted
 to build a life centered on God's dream for my life and be open to what that is...I'm praying that it includes a family of my own, a group of girlfriends who are believers, and a job that benefits, and encourages at-risk teenagers and youth."
This has been a multifaceted discovery on my part. My God Sized Dream requires a whole change in lifestyle, and an openness to what God has given me, and what He is offering me in the world. 

Lately God has been focusing my heart in two different areas. Career and Soul

I want to be a counselor to at-risk teenagers. I want to be an arts therapist, and eventually an educational psychologist.  It encompasses everything I learned and knew about myself. Everything I loved, and everything I’d prayed for. I want  to go back to school and learn counseling in-line with the gospel. I want to speak hope into the lives of teenagers, and provide American school systems with viable teaching strategies to empower struggling students. I want to develop programs that use stories that echo of redemption, to teach character education. I want to run summer programs for inner city kids where they put on musicals and plays with professional actors, writers, crew and producers.

 I also want to begin a ministry that focuses on the development and realization of our God given femininity. This blog is a little piece of that. I have this idea to open a little store that sells yarn and crafting supplies, along with gifts and books about faith, with a little tea room attached. I want it to be a place where women can come for knitting circles, book clubs and devotionals.

An additional piece to this dream that has just recently rattled around in my brain is beginning a ministry for women in their 20's and 30's in the St. Louis area. I've been praying about. I have NO idea where to begin. But it is not letting my mind rest. 

I brought up the idea to all three of my mentors, my friend Jeanne, and my mom. They have all been really encouraging and excited about the prospect. 

I love having older and younger women in my life. I think it is SO so SO important to have mentors that are not your mother, but love you almost as much. I am so thankful that God has placed these lovely women in my life, even if I had to pay them for singing lessons, and career coaching, I would not be who I am today without my conversations and encouragement from them. 

I am also sharing these dreams with you cyber-blogo-sphere. If anyone has any ideas as to where to start with beginning a womens ministry I am all ears. PLEASE HELP!
My mind explodes with my “God-sized” dreams. I'll keep you posted!

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