Monday, January 14, 2013

My God Sized Dream

I'm a little behind, but I wanted to join up with Holley Gerth's blog, Heart to Heart with Holley. I've read her book "You're Already Amazing" and it was really helpful for me...and actually a good push for me to move out of Los Angeles.

So I downloaded her ebook "The do what you can plan"

Holley's having a link up party every Tuesday I wanted to participate in, so I'm going to catch up a bit.

Last Tuesday Holly asked us to come up with our "God sized dream"

       Holley, my God sized Dream is to get planted back in the city my parents live in, and to build a life centered on God's dream for my life and be open to what that is. I'm currently trying to figure out what that is. I'm praying that it includes a family of my own, a group of girlfriends who are believers, and a job that benefits, and encourages at-risk teenagers and youth.

 I'm currently applying to go to seminary in the fall so that I can get my counseling degree. I'm also applying for a job where I would be a house mother to at-risk teenagers for the next 2 years.

For Day One of "The Do What You Can Plan" Holley asks to write a sentence:

 "My Mustard Seed Goal is..." to find a job that lets me encourage and build up at risk children.
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