Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life Management Notebook

It's Snowing!!!!

I think the Lord is allowing me to become better prepared before I pop into a new way of life. I’ve said before that I am about to become a kind of “foster mom” to six teenaged girls.
SURPRISE! You prayed for it! BAM!
Well…it’s not QUIET been like that…it’s been more like…
Weeks of interviews…testing’s…medical appointments…background checks and piles of paper work.
And then my start date keeps getting pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances…
Like today for instance was supposed to be my start day AND It’s SNOWING LIKE CRAZY!!!
So, in between substitute teaching, I’ve been staying up really late and NOT waking up in time to do my Hello Mornings working on this:

I know, I know it’s huge! But I like the idea of keeping EVERYTHING in one place so I know where it is and don’t have to make a huge mess tearing things apart.
I just had a meeting with my new supervisor and she needs me to come up with three goals for the first three weeks living/working there.

So Goal #1 is to carve out my mornings and begin my days before the rest of the house wakes up in bible study, and daily planning, and exercise…like I’m supposed to do with Hello Mornings anyways….but some weeks I’m more consistent at it than others.

I have used a system similar to this before, an it has always been helpful to have schedules and plans made. I feel a lot more accomplished and find I have a lot more time in my day because I tend not to waste so much time surfing the net or watching television.

Many of the worksheets I included in my binder I found through pintrest or other means on the web. It took me awhile to find a combination of worksheets that would serve my exact needs.
You can check out my pintrest board for links to some of the forms I used as well as this previous post. 
There are a few items I created myself because I couldn't find them online. You can download them off of the printables page. 
I used a combination of resources to help construct me binder 
My first section was section my "personal" Section

A place to develop my life mission Statement: As Inspired by "The Path"



Mission Statement
Goals and Habits
Daily Routines
Planner (including daily bible studies)

                                                      Spiritual Tools
  • Body (sexual expression. exercise. beauty. nutrition.)
  • Heart (friends. family. significant other. creativity)
  • Soul (personal growth. discovery. personality. expression. style.)
    • Selectivity
  • Mind (education. profession. balance.)
  • Spirit  (prayer. praise. bible study. ministry.)
    • Affirmations
    • Prayer Requests
    • The Gospel
    •  Promises of God
    • Attributes of God



Dave Ramsey Budgeting
Car Information

Contact Information

Meal Plans and Shopping

Menu Planner
Take Out




Insurance Information
Lifestyle Purpose Statement
Decorating Plans


Room Zones and Cleaning Schedule

I also included cork boards in the front and back for additional information I might need on hand

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