Sunday, February 10, 2013

All You People Listen Up!!!!

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My soul is letting out a guttural groan. I close my eyes as I feign a display of patience, I'm really just tired.

As I've been milling around in my mind, and praying about this ministry that God has seemingly placed on my heart I am becoming increasingly frustrated with a lack of good material and connection out there for single women.

Married women, I love you. I love your children, I love your husbands, I love all the crafty things you do to make a home for you and your family. I think your precious. In my heart of hearts I am jealous of you.

I would like everyone to know that, despite the fact that I am single, I am not 12 years old, nor am I a high school graduate, or in the middle of my college years. I am too close to thirty to say I'm pushing it, I have my masters degree and have been taking care of and living by myself (not very well) for almost ten years! I am not ugly, nor am I social outcast. I do not hate men. My singleness is not a choice I made. Nor do I want someone to condescendingly suggest that it is a blessing.

 I don't go out and party hardy on Friday and Saturday nights. It's hard to have a "girls" night because most of "the girls" are taking care of their children, or making dinner for their men.

I love my married friends, but it is increasingly hard to keep in touch with them because they can't set aside 30 minutes to an hour for a conversation.

I know the heart isn't there, but I am so frustrated with a weird implication that because I'm not married, I am somehow not grown up, or I'm less mature than a married woman who is a decade younger than me with children of her own.

I am tired of reading things about singleness being "a gift" of the holy spirit...which actually isn't even biblical. (Read What Paul is NOT Saying)

I am sick of married women my exact age telling me that I'm "still young" or "you've got time" and "don't wish your life away" or "being married isn't exactly all you think it is."

I don't complain too much about being single. I would much rather be single than dating, though I would much rather be married than single. I have come to accept singleness as a season in my life. It is a refiners fire I am walking through.

I found this little gem to be hilarious...because in a twisted way...I find it to be a little true.

Now I don't mean to insinuate that I am anywhere near as awesome as Neil Patrick Harris, :P but I AM suggesting that while other women are growing as wives and/or mothers I'm growing as well. I don't have any more or less growing to do. It's just my time to grow through a different means that God wants me to experience for whatever reason. 

Well, I'm instituting Single on a Sunday...once I figure out how this link-up party thing works.

I am asking - nay BEGGING all of the single women in the online Christian community to come forward and bring us encouragement. Show us your struggles. Share your craftiness and your cooking expertise, your homemaking prowess, your single woes, growth and joys. 

All you Single Ladies I need to know you're out there...and you're not between the ages of twelve and twenty one!

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