Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Acts of Luv

I'm REALLY EXCITED to tell you about this idea.

I don't have a Valentine.

Lot's of people don't have Valentines. I remember in High School and college we would refer to it as "Singles Awareness Day" because as a single, on Valentines Day, you are hyper aware of the fact that you are single...again.

Or when we were in elementary school, and that one kid didn't get Valentines in his or her mailbox, or like my mom, got valentines that said things like "Drop Dead" and "I hate you!"

Today begins Random Acts of Kindness week and I would like to celebrate by performing as many random acts of kindness as humanly possible on Valentines Day.

If you have any ideas for inexpensive ways that I can bless someone on Valentines Day, please let me know!

I would love it if you join me and post your Valentines Day acts of Kindness. I'll have a link up on this page so you can show us what you did!

Check out RAK's website.

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