Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to fill a cupcake

Maybe I'm ridiculous. Wait. Okay, I AM ridiculous. I was baffled by the filled cupcakes.

For Christmas my friend Lia gave me a lemon cupcake mix and Lemon Curd from William Sonoma. I was going to a book swap at church and signed up to bring a dessert. I figured it would be a great time to use my Christmas present, but I had no idea what to do with the curd....UNLESS I filled the cupcakes with them.

I didn't know how to fill a cupcake so I figure it out and I thought I'd let you know just in case you were curious too.

So, first you are going to make your cupcakes like normal.

Let the cupcakes cool.

Then you are going to use a small spoon, like the size of a baby spoon to dig out the center of your cupcake. If you are making enough cupcakes, you can use the excess cake and make cakepops to accompany your cupcakes.

I didn't.

So then put your filling inside a ziplock bag, leave a bit of the ziplock unzipped to allow air to escape.

Cut a small sliver in the corner of your ziplock bag and squish your filling out of the hole into the cupcake well you just made.


My cupcakes were Lemon Meringue Cupcakes so I made a Meringue frosting on top. Oh man! That was a bigger project than it should have been.

You take salt, cream of tarter and egg whites an whip them to a soft peak stage. Which means that when you lift your beaters out of the egg whites it should create a little mountain that flops over.

Then you VERY gradually (that's how I screwed up the first time) add your granulated sugar until the eggs whip up to a hard peak stage. Which means the mountains stick straight up.

Pipe or spoon the meringue on top of the cupcakes then put them in the oven at 375* for no more than 7 minutes so that you don't over cook your cupcakes.

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