Monday, February 11, 2013

Lent 2013: Ideas to Inspire your Preparations

For You

Fasting 40 Days

Forty Days for 1,000 Days
Daniel Fast (This actually takes a lot of preparation) 
40 Days of Water
40 Days on the Makers Diet


40 Days of Prayer for Survivors of Sex Trafficking
Read the Bible in 40 Days
World Vision Set the Captives Free
Pray through the Psalms
Book of Common Prayer
Prayer Walking
Transform your Mornings
Memorize Scripture
Create a Prayer Space In Your Home 
Read a Book


Create New Habits 
40 Days of Worship Music 
Write in a Gratitude Journal
40 Days of Beauty Treatments to Honor Gods Temple: Your Body


40 Days of Community
Love 146
Give of Your Gifts
Give of Your Cooking
Give of Your Time

For the Little Ones

Create a Forgiveness and Fresh Start Place
Easter Passion Tree
Lenten Prayer Garden
A Repentance Box
Resurrection Tree
Hands on Experience of the Resurrection 
DIY Resurrection Eggs
Kindness Jar
An Easter Garden
Countdown to Easter
Un-Easter Baskets
Memory Verses for Kids

Grab button for reEducation of the Feminine Soul