Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year. New Journey. New Resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Mug in hand? Good. I prefer a French press with French vanilla creamer. How ‘bout you?

In the next season of my life I hope to spend my new years eve with my future husband and a bunch of friends playing board games and eating fondue. However, in this season of my life, God has seen it fit for me to spend the evening at my parents, watching the ball drop and drinking sparkling grape juice. Woo Hoo!

The neat thing is that I am spending the first morning of this new journey of my life with you. :) 

I believe it is customary to kick off the New Year with some New Years Resolutions. So here it goes.

2013: New Years Resolutions

Read the Entire Bible Following the Thematic Reading Plan
I have been having an issue getting through the Old Testament. Two years ago my goal was to read through the New Testament in a year. Last year it was to read the Old Testament. I regret to say that I have yet to finish reading the Old Testament. I have about 7 books left to read. L Luckily, three of those seven books are part of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the bible.) So if I follow my thematic bible reading plan I should get three of the seven out of the way before half of the year has gone by.   
If you would like to join me in this resolution check out Bible Reading Plans here.
Keep up this Blog for at least one year
                I have started several blogs in the past few years. Most of them I started with a lot of excitement and very little planning….so the dwindled away. I hope to spend an hour a day working on this blog, and I hope that it inspires all of us.
Eat Clean. Cook Green.
                I will admit, I could lose a few pounds. I strongly believe that most ailments can be cured by a change in the way we nourish our bodies. I actually enjoy eating fresh, organic food. My goal to “Eat Clean. Cook Green.”  Is meant for me to lose weight and be healthier. Admittedly, it is going to be very difficult, especially since, at the present moment, I am not the person who brings the food into the house, or for that matter is bringing in much cash. So I am going to have to just “Do What I Can” as Holly Gerth Suggests in her New Years Blog. Check it out here. While your at it, pop on over to the {in}courage website and download a January calendar wallpaper for your desktop. 
Keep Up with my Gratitude Journal
                I love this idea. I purchased a gratitude journal a couple months ago. I keep a prayer journal, and I usually write “thank you’s” next to the prayers God has answered, but finding 3 things to be grateful for everyday can really open your eyes to the blessings and gifts God gives you every day. O.
Smile at Everyone I pass
                Sooooo I’ve been reading this book called “The Surrendered Single” by  Laura Doyle and she called me out. Unless I have direct dealings with an individual, I barely even acknowledge their existence as I walk by and I am AWESOME at avoiding eye contact. Welllllll that’s no way to make friends, and it’s most certainly no way to invite the man God has picked out for me into my life. I am going to challenge myself to smile at everyone I pass. I am going to keep a tally of them on here too, so I hope you will cheer me on!!!
Spend thirty days of listening to only Christian Music on the Radio.
                This one isn’t hard at all anymore. When I lived in Kansas City KLove was doing a challenge like this. At the time I was in a pretty depressing place in my life, so I decided to only keep Christian radio on in my car. Now, that’s really all that I keep in my car.  
I know some of you live in areas where it is hard to tune in to Christian Radio. There is live streaming for some of the stations so you can listen on your computer or on your smart phone. 

If you would like to join me in this challenge you can check out those radio stations:

What are your New Years resolutions? 

I would like to pray for us in the coming new year

Dear Lord, 
I love you! You are so amazing! 
I want to thank you for the precious women who will join me here.
Thank you for including my mom in on this project. 
Please bless this new season in all of our lives, this new year,
 let it be a season of joy, and a season of growth. 
Let us learn to love you more and more every day,
to give up control,
to lean on you in everything.
Teach us what it is to be women,
how you created us.
 Remind us that we are not perfect,
that we are human, and sinful,
but by your grace,
and the love of your son, 
we are made perfect,
and are growing to be perfect
until the day that we see you in heaven. 
I ask these things in the name of our savior Jesus Christ.

Oh! I almost forgot!!!! I wanted to share some printables with you!!! The first one is for reflecting, and the last two are for Goal Setting. 

SimpleMom on 2012 Reflecting.
SimpleMom on 2013 Goal Setting.
The Inspired Room on 2013 Goal Setting

You are going to need these for our January Faith-book page(s).

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