Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chosen Chapters 40-50

Sadly I do not have a recipe for you today. I have been so sick this week and am still suffering from nausea and a headache. I don't even want to look at pictures of food right now.


A few guidelines while participating in this book club
How to participate in a discussion
1. Watch your language! Try to avoid words like "awful" or "idiotic"—even "like" and "dislike." They don't help move discussions forward and can put others on the defensive. Instead, talk about your experience—how you felt as you read the book.

2. Don't be dismissive. If you disagree with someone else, don't refer to her as an ignoramus. Just say, "I'm not sure I see it that way. Here's what I think." Much, much nicer. 

3. Support your views. Use specific passages from the book as evidence for your ideas. This is a literary analysis technique called "close reading." (LitCourse 3has a good discussion of close reading.)

4. Read with a pencil. Takes notes or mark passages that strike you—as signficant or funny or insightful. Talk about why you marked the passages you did. 

5. Use LitLovers for help. Check out our Litlovers Resources above. They'll help you get more out of what your read and help you talk about books with greater ease.
(Discussion tips by LitLovers. Please feel free to use them, online of off, with attribution. Thanks!)

We'll conduct this discussion in a similar fashion as the bible study. I will post a series of questions. You can use them as a jumping off point for the discussion. Answer any you like, or none at all and come up with your own comments or questions.

Soooooo I'm TOTALLY confused? At first I was so upset with Cyrus for putting both of them in danger and now????

Who was the guy in the garden?

How did he know about Cyrus?

How could Xerxes tell that Esther didn't love him? What did he expect from her? 

How does Esther’s “palace treatment” change her externally and internally? If you could set aside a year in your own life, what would you want to focus on?

 Esther wrestles with her heart and mind as she marries one man, yet still has loving feelings for another. How hard is it for married women to forget old boyfriends? What would you have told Esther to do as she struggled to banish Cyrus from her thoughts?

 wanted to provide a better format for us to discuss this book. Of course you can discuss it here, but seems like a good platform to keep you in the loop.

For next week I would like us to make the goal to read to chapter 60.

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