Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ANNOUNCING the Bible Study of the Month!

You Were Born For This: A Study in Esther begins January 7th 2013

Every month we will study women of the bible and share insight and discoveries as we gather every Monday to discuss what the Lord has taught us. I hope that the bible studies will lead into our little projects and inspire our faith-booking.

I wanted to provide you with some background and some “Esther Resources” you can access while you are reading and studying. Click on over to the Resources page and you will find a list under “Esther.” I will post all resources that I find and/or refer to during this study there.

I will be reading through Beth Moore’s ESTHER: It’s tough being a woman (among other resources.) You can download the first three days of the study here. You can download the Audio and Video Downloads here or on itunes. It’s not necessary to do any of these things. But it might help. Unfortunately ESTHER is not available for ereader download so you have to either order it, or purchase it from your local Christian bookstore.

On January 7th, we will be discussing the first three Chapters of Esther. (We have a lot to cover in a month)

Two more things.
One. I love this song from the project “The Story” Born For This: Esther by Mandissa

And Two. Hulu has a free movie about Esther called “One Night With the King” you can view it here.

WHEW! That’s about enough for one day! Tomorrow I will announce the Book Club book we will be reading and on Thursday my mom is going to pop in for a bit. On Friday I’m going to explain a little bit about Faith-booking and hopefully you will get excited about that!! On Saturday my mom and I are going to begin a “Sew Along” where you will learn how to make a basic Skirt that is actually flattering on your body and in the months ahead that will lead into creating an entire wardrobe that is feminine, modest and lovely.

I look forward to growing with you!

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