Tuesday, March 12, 2013


What do you really want more of in your life?
I'm considering this question prayerfully.

There are so many things in my life God has blessed me with, that I want more of.

I want more knowledge of Him and less fear of the world.
I want more local relationships, and less alone time.
I want more peace, and less struggle.
I want more love, and less loneliness
I want more time with God, and less time in the world.

I used to want less structure to my days and more freedom.
God has blessed me with that.

I used to want more of God's provision, and less self-sufficiency.
God has also blessed me with that.

I feel as though God has called me to a place of rest. He has answered so many prayers in such a short space of time, it would be difficult for me to even entertain the idea that He does not exist, or care about the little things in our lives. He has set me up to do what I do best.

I have been through all of my Seminary interviews. I am about to begin volunteering at my new church. I am working with at risk kids, and I want to always be sure that I am doing things because they are what God is asking me to do, not because they are things that I want to do.

I want more of Him, and less of me.

He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30 ESV)

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