Sunday, March 10, 2013

Carve My Waistline

In the month of January I worked on Carving my money by tithing 10%.

In the month of February I worked on Carving out time with God.

In the month of March I am going to work on Carving my waistline. I would really appreciate some encouragement in this. I have tried several times to lose weight, and I usually end a successful dieting stint while I'm working on a production and start eating crap to get me through rehearsals, and never being home.

Now that I am more or less of a stay at home mom, a YMCA membership is part of my job perks, and the girls at my home are striving for a healthy life style- I think I will be able to be more successful at losing weight and shaping my body.

Tonight is the last supper before I begin a 90 day challenge. I will touch base with you once a week reporting my failures and successes.

Please pray for me on this journey!
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