Saturday, March 23, 2013

Carving out a Space: A room for me and God

I've moved into a new house for my job.

I've really been spending some time thinking about my space.
It's kind of like a dorm room, but technically, no one is really allowed to enter it. So unless I need someone to do some maintenance my space is just shared between me and God.

So before I moved in my room it looked like this:

And then my House Mates cleaned up the room and it was a  lot neater and un-clutterd.

 After about 4 weeks it looked like this:

There are some non-negotiables about the room: the color...the giant clothing rack....what I'm really wanting is to create  a space that reminds me to pray, and that when I am in this space I feel like I am enfolded in a cocoon of peace, comfort and love. I'll keep you posted on updates!!!
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