Saturday, February 8, 2014


by matt dalrymple

5 Minute Friday:


I've been sitting her ethinking about ....oh the things that darkness tells you. Lies, fears, things that are not of God. And the counter feeling is "read" "write" the holy spirit is telling me. "REad." "Write." My prayers are letters to God, in some ways, it's kind of like having a pen pal. Someone I love dearly, have developed a relationship with, but I cannot see. That's the way blogging is. And just as in my blogging, has been my prayer life, sporadic, uneven, unkempt. I just want to pray but I don't know what to pray, and I don't know how to get out of this cloud that has settled upon me, except for to Read. Write. My communication with the Lord. I read his word, I write Him Letters, I write to the cyber world that MAY read my blog at some point in time. It's a diaglogue I have with the Lord, writing in my journaling bible, writing letters, reading. Listening, waiting. I'm kind of sick of waiting to be honest. I want to KNOW. And I know that does not teach me faith, I keep thinking that if I LEARN to have faith, possibly God will let me know sooner, but God has not called us to know the future. He calls us to settle into his peace, and to trust in his loving hands, and his perfect plans.


Five Minute Friday
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